About us

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Our Approach

Our approach to fitness is we make fitness fun. We offer the perfect balance of empowerment and traditional fitness classes such as our pole and dance studio classes, to our indoor cycling and weight training equipment.We are dedicated to helping people just like you live stronger, sexier and healthier lives. Our boutique studio is a unique alternative to the traditional gym experience designed to get you excited about your health!

We want you to join our empowering movement and un-gym yourself.

How it Works

For optimal health the U.S. Surgeon General recommends a minimum of 5 30-minute workouts per week; three cardio and two resistance training.  All of our fitness classes are fall into those two categories

                  Cardio                                                         Resistance Training

                           Zumba                                                                Sexy Sculpt

                           Spin                                                                     Kettle Bell

                           Old School Hip Hop                                         Zumba toning

                           Cardio for Divas                                                Pole

                           Video Vixen                                                        Bootylicious


To receive maximum fitness benefits, choose 5 classes each week and balance your class choices between Cardio and Resistance training.

Join us for a class today!